Jolley's Emporium 

Jolley's Emporium front.jpg

This three story 1/4 scale Victorian building features shop space and two upper floors for added show rooms or apartments.

   Open a Pub or a General Store, a Gift Shop or a Deli. Make it a new Victorian building or a renovated heritage building.

Let your imagination run wild. How about a 70’s Psychedelic Music store?

The 10” tall building sits on a 4’ X 5” base.

Each rooms is 4” x 3 1/2” and there is space on the roof for a patio or roof garden.

This laser cut kit includes brick paper for the sides, acrylic window glass and all interior window trim.

Flooring and other interior decorations are not included

You just need is paint and glue to finish the kit. *Interior walls are painted or you can decorate with your own wallpaper and flooring.

Price $125    shipping- $20  Canada & US -  $45 int.

jolley's emporium back.jpg

Series Q780 Pub Furniture is sized to fit the lower level.


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