Buildings , Book Rooms, Room Boxes and Book Nooks

                                  Our buildings are usually based on origianl architectural models , even the fantasy ones,  but there are a few  pieces just for your woodland friends. There are also completer sets of furniture available for some kits or you can choose your own interiors from the over 300 kits in the furniture department

Click on  the KIT LIST link in the column on the left for a pdf catalogue of all the furniture. Most 1/4 scale kits are also available in 1/2 scale by special request.

         When the scale is 1/4 inch equals 1 foot a dollhouse will fit easily on a shelf                            and a room can be created in a teacup. 

The Enchanted Cottage


For information about the cottage click here.

The Enchanted Cottage


The Hacienda del Cabellos


                            For information about the 'House of Horses' click here.

The Hacienda del Cabellos



qb2 orangerie.jpg

Q-Bits are quick, fun kits for the times you don't want to embrak ona big project. Each q-Bit is on a 3" x 3" base and will fit in a small display cube.  They each include a the doors and windows for the basic structure and one 3D printed accessories to decorate the scene. 

The Wandlyn Way


The Wandlyn Way

THe Wandlyn Way is North America's wizard shopping alley and you are sure to find all your magical needs in one of the shops. Click on the blue link for a list of all the shops.


Advent Calendar


24 rooms to fill with special Christmas Miniatures or use as a dispaly for special pieces 


Book Rooms

bk1 sksp.jpg

Book Rooms

Book Rooms are lovely little books only 3"" high with your favourite titles and a 1/4 scale scene from the book inside. Each kit comes with a hinged front cover, book spine detail and all the interior furniture and accessories. Led Lighting is included and the battery and switch are hidden in the top of the book. The only things you need to supply are paint, glue and a bit of fabric for any upholstered furniture. Patterns for the upholstery are included.

       The Petworth Library adds a new dimention to your miniature collection  and              the books are also great gifts for any bibliophile. From Alice in Wonderland to Pride and Prejudice there is sure to be a title that brings your favourite story to life.                                                      Click the link above for the full list and photos.



Book Nooks

           Little nooks to fit between your books and add a bit of magic to your library.                         A poetic glimpse of a woodland path or an elegant set of rooms fit for a Lady.


Hungerford Manor Rooms (pdf)


The Georgian Manor is composed of 27 separate kits. Each kit builds a room or in some cases 2 or 3 rooms of the manor. The appropriate doors, windows, panelling, printed floors and, in some rooms, decorated ceilings are included in each kit. Kits are priced per room.  The kits are stacked and glued together to make the full building. The doors on each room line up up to make a full working house. You can climb the stairs, walk through the halls and enter every room. 

The room kits can also be built and decorated as separate room boxes.

Completer sets of furniture are available to completethe rooms as shown or you can add your own decor.  

              All the rooms of the manor are now available individually.

                    Click on the blue link above the photo for the pdf with photos and listing of all the manor rooms and the furniture completer sets. The rooms can be constructed individually or  combined to form a complete Georgian Manor including elegant staircases, a library, a drawing room, a dining room, the kitchen and bedroom suites.

Total size  of the Manor is 26" X 16"


The Witch Croft

witchcroft front.jpg

A sweet  little inside out box that fits in a baseball display cube. Perfect for a witch or plant  a garden in front and turn it into a country cottage.  


The Caribbean Cottage


Soak of the sun in this island home.

Jolley's Emporium

Jolley's Emporium front.jpg

This 3 story building can be a shop or pub.

Upstairs would make a good apartment or offices.


Mortimer Mouse's Log House


A log house fit for a your favourite mouse family. Inspired by The Brambly Headge books.


Project Booklets

For those of you who prefer to Do it Yourself, we offer project booklets. These handy little guide include the plans, patterns, sometimes printies and all the instructions to complete these interesting projects. 

Ifyou need a project to work on right away, the booklets can be emailed for you to print. 

Many of them were originally workshops I gave at Gatherings or Houseparties and now you can make your own at home. 

Project Booklets (pdf)



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 If you have never ventured in 1/4 scale can be addictive!


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