Book Room  & The Encylcopedia of Furniture Kits

Book kits include all interior items shown and LED lighting.

Fabric for upholstery is not included. Patterns for upholstery are included.

Each book is 3” high 2 ½ ” wide and 1 ½”deep

Books are $40 each(unless otherwise noted) and shipping is $5 each in Canada & US $10 int

BR1  The Complete Works of Shakespeare


BR2  A Christmas Carol


BR4   The Adventures of Pinocchio



BR5 The Swiss Family Robinson



BR6  Peter Rabbit



BR7  The Memoires of Sherlock Holmes



BR8  The Secret Garden



BR9  THe Wind in the Willows



BR10  Alice in Wonderland



BR11  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow



BR12  Blank Books  $25 


 The kit includes lighting but the interior is empty ready for your own scene; maybe Mom’s kitchen, My Diary, Birthday, Christmas, or your favourite story. Interior fits ¼ scale furniture. Cover colours available – green, blue, red, brown, black. With brick front and window.

BR13 Pride and Prejudice



BR14 Anne of Green Gables

Anne's bedroom at Green Gables, PEI.



BR15 The Book of Kells

The abbey room where the monks are carefully crafting the Book of Kells.



BR16 Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde  $75   a 2 volume set - Limited edition

One book has Dr Jekyl's office and the other book has the Laboratory after Mr Hyde has rampaged through it.



BR 17  The Call of the Wild 

with LED  Northern Lights effect 



BR 18 Around the World in 80 Days  

Peer through the porthole into Phineas Fogg's stateroom.



BR20  Little Women

The cover features the front door of Louisa M Alcott's home and inside is the parlour with Beth's piano.

BR 21 Poirot Investigates

Hercule Poirot's apartment includes clues to the 10 stories in the book.


The Petworth Encyclopedia of Furniture

This series has larger books; each 5 ½” high x 3 ¾” wide and about 2’ deep. Each edition has 2 stories of furniture based on a specific style or era. In the back of each book is an 8-10 page written history of the furniture style and what accessories would be authentic to the era. (You will learn how to sew a basic book together.)

               The books include all furniture and accessory kits for the 2 rooms, printed wallpaper and flooring, LED lighting, and a front cover with a house façade typical of the era. 

Each book is $75 Shipping is $15 in Canada/US


EN1 ~   Tudor Furniture

The first book in the series is Tudor Furniture and includes a typical Tudor kitchen and a Tudor bedroom












EN2 ~ Arts & Crafts Furniture

Arts & Crafts design was often called Mission in the USA and this book includes furniture designed by craftsmen on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Everything shown in the photo is included in the kit.














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