Book Nooks

Book Nooks are lovely little displays sized to fit on your book shelf. Tucked between the books they add another dimension and a portal into a magical miniature world.


  BN1 ~ Elegance is  9”  high and 4” wide. The two rooms give you a   glimpse into an elegant manor house.

  The kit includes panelled walls, engraved wood floors,   decorative ceiling panels, and doors& windows that look out onto  a terrace and LED lighting.

A completer set of 30 furniture and accessory kits is also available to bring your manor house to life.

Upholstery fabric is not included.


The basic book nook it is $95.The furniture set is $145.

Shipping is $22 in Canada/US






BN2 ~ Snowy Evening

This book nook is 8" high and 3 1/4" wideand adds a bit of mystery to your library shelves.

The tree lined path leads to a cosy cottage with welcoming light in the windows. Timid deer, a couple of bunnies and a bold fox peer through the trees.  Overhead the full moon and the Big Dipper add sparkling light to the night sky. Although this scene is snowy it would look equally charming as a spring or fall woodland scene.

Everything is included in this kit. You supply paint and glue and maybe a bit of glitter.  

BN2- Snowy Evening book nook kit $95US/ $115 CDN+tax    shipping $22 US & Canada  $45 intnl