A  New Kit in time For Christmas!

 An Advent Calendar for Miniaturists 


This Tudor building has 24 small rooms with hinged doors. Open one for each day in December as you count down for Christmas.

The rooms just the right size for a sweet treat, a special miniature or even a ¼ scale room.

6  rooms are 1 ½ “deep, 18 are 3” deep, all doors are 1 ¼” wide but the centre rooms have 2 doors and  no dividing wall so you can have a 3”x 3” room setting

The building sits on a 13” x 5” base 

You just need is paint and glue to finish the kit. *Interior walls are painted or you can decorate with your own wallpaper and flooring.

Price $175    shipping- $20  Canada & US -  $45 int.


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