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 We specialize in Quarter Scale furniture kits and will ship anywhere in the world. Most of the furniture is based on actual full sized antiques but there are some fantasy pieces for your woodland creatures.

Click on  the KIT LIST link in the column on the left for a pdf catalogue of all the furniture. Most 1/4 scale kits are also available in 1/2 scale by special request.

         When the scale is 1/4 inch equals 1 foot a dollhouse will fit easily on a shelf                            and a room can be created in a teacup. 


A  New Kit in time For Christmas!

 An Advent Calendar for Miniaturists 


This Tudor building has 24 small rooms with hinged doors. Open one for each day in December as you count down for Christmas.

The rooms just the right size for a sweet treat, a special miniature or even a ¼ scale room.

6  rooms are 1 ½ “deep, 18 are 3” deep, all doors are 1 ¼” wide but the centre rooms have 2 doors and  no dividing wall so you can have a 3”x 3” room setting

The building sits on a 13” x 5” base 

You just need is paint and glue to finish the kit. *Interior walls are painted or you can decorate with your own wallpaper and flooring.

Price $175    shipping- $20  Canada & US -  $45 int.




England may have DiagonAlley but North America has

 The Wandlyn Way 


a Quarter Scale street of wizard shops



The 7th kit in this series is The Crystal Cat & The Green Man

Two shops share this little two story building. Based on a building found in Savanah, it has 2 floors  and a balcony with intricate "wrought iron' railings. The kit includes everything shown in the photo :  base with carved cobblestone walk, windows, doors, printed floors, staircase, railings, and shutters, . The base is 5 " wide and 6" deep. The shop is 3 1/2" deep, 8" high. 

                 The shop kit is $90 US / $100 CDN plus shipping. $17 in Canada and US,        $38 international

A completer set of furniture is available. It includes a large wall unit, chairs, round tables, desks, settee, chest and accessories to put on the shelves. Everything shown in the photo below.

The full completer set is $90 and shipping is free when combined with the building kit



The Crystal Cat ~ furnished 

Previous Wandlyn Way kits are also available

#1 The Hedge Witch

#2 The Alchemist

#3 Wand & Incantations

#4 Quill & Quire

#5 The Warped Web

#6 The Sticky Cauldron

For more photos please go to the Gallery link below


Book Rooms

bk1 sksp.jpg

Book Rooms (pdf)

Book Rooms are lovely little books only 3"" high with your favourite titles and a 1/4 scale scene from the book inside. Each kit comes with a hinged front cover, book spine detail and all the interior furniture and accessories. Led Lighting is included and the battery and switch are hidden in the top of the book. The only things you need to supply are paint, glue and a bit of fabric for any upholstered furniture. Patterns for the upholstery are included.

       The Petworth Library adds a new dimention to your miniature collection  and              the books are also great gifts for any bibliophile. From Alice in Wonderland to Pride and Prejudice there is sure to be a title that brings your favourite story to life.                                                      Click the link above for the full list and photos.


Hungerford Manor Rooms (pdf)


              All the rooms of the manor are now available individually.

                    Click on the link to the pdf for photos and listing of all the manor rooms and the furniture completer sets. The rooms can be constructed individually or  combined to form a complete Georgian Manor including elegant staircases, a library, a drawing room, a dining room, the kitchen and bedroom suites.

Total size  of the Manor is 26" X 16"

Click on thelink above the photo for a complete list of rooms and furniture.



If you would like to be on our mailing list for information about upcoming kits , please e-mail me. For a photos of the Wandlyn Way and Hungerfrd Manor as well as other projects please visit our Gallery!


Quarter scale collectors love our line of Quarter scale furniture kits and accessories.

NEW!!!  Some furniture kits are now available in Half Scale 1:24. Those pieces are listed in the pdf catalogue with H code numbers.

You can save the  pdf catalogue (listed in the menu on the left) or search for specific pieces in the Furniture section of the website. Limited run buildings are also available in the Building section.              

Fabric and wallpaper catalogues are also listed on the left.

Orders can be e-mailed and we accept payment by Paypal and cheque. There is an order form that can be copied as a Word doc, filled in and attached to your e-mail. We do not have a shopping cart at this time.

Shipping is $5 for up to 10 kits in Canada & US  $7 International Shipping for building kits is listed on each description.


 If you have never ventured in 1/4 scale can be addictive!

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